Video can be used to attract new clients and customers, or build subscribers for an upcoming campaign. It is also great for introduction to you and your style of business. It can begin building a trust relationship before they ever purchase the first item.

Although YouTube is video, you want to think of it as any other type of sales copy that you would write. Starting with the title of your video. It needs to be treated as a headline. Your video title needs to catch the attention of potential viewers, yet still be related to the content in the video.

Once you have your viewers attention it is a good idea to let them know exactly what they will receive for watching your video. If you have an offer or free gift at the end of the video, mention it at the beginning.

Also, place the link to your squeeze page or web site at the start and end of the video as well as a couple of times during the video. You can place the URL a little way from the top or bottom of the screen, but not directly in the middle, to get more attention.

You want a clear call to action in your video. Are you wanting them to click through to your web site? Take you up on a free offer? Call for a consultation? You have to let the viewer know what you want them to do.

Even though the links in the video itself will not be click-able, You Tube places the description of your video directly below the viewing screen, so you might want to let viewers know that they can click through the link below or cut and paste It into theirs browser.

Another bit of advice on your video description, make sure you say everything you can about the video. It could be several hundred words long if you need it to be. The reason you need long video descriptions is that the bots or spiders have no way to search the video itself, but they can crawl the description. So include important and relevant words in your description as well as your URL.

Lastly a little about keywords. The more relevant key words the better. Use multiple single keywords or a keyword phrases. YouTube looks for videos with similar keywords to put in the list of suggested videos. So yours could come up as a related video, even if they were not searching for you in the first place.


Source by JT Williams