Strategy Games Tips – 6 Tips of Playing Strategy Games


There are so many strategy games for both on line and for game consoles. In today’s games, there isn’t a need to set the setting of the strategy games for half an hour as the programmers had already figured out what actually the gamer needs and had already been programmed into the game.

Most of the strategy games I played needed lots of planning and speed to play well in the strategy games. These games can be those defense games where you need to build towers at strategic areas or points to fight off an invasion effectively or if you are those kind of offensive players, you can be the one building units to crush the computer’s defense.

There is a saying:” Attack is my defense, defense is my attack”. It really depends on how you want to play it.

6 Simple Strategy Techniques For Playing Strategy Games

1) Knowing in depth of the different kinds of units or races in the game. Normally it isn’t going to be more than 10.

2) Follow the basic rules of the strategy game. Some basics strategies are: Use the melee fighters upfront in the front lines as “meat shield” while the ranged soldiers stand behind the melee fighters to support them.

3) When you have gained enough money, do plan some of it for upgrades of your soldiers, towers etc… Normally starting of the game, it can be quite hard to plan but plan out a strategy of your own.

4) Pick up some air units to support your ground troops. It is a must! Next go get a good siege weapon to destroy building more effectively and faster. Siege weapons are a double edged weapon where it can be used for base defense too. By understanding what does what, you will be in a better position to really deploy them well and avoid stupid mistakes.

5) Pay attention to powered attacks too. It is normally in the form of artillery strike with a huge amount of ground troops charging at you, distracting you and using the siege weapons clearing out your base buildings. Use your air units to flank the siege weapons, counter attack them and surprise your enemy.

6) Last tip is to make sure that you don’t save necessary money that is not necessary. This is a common mistake that new gamers make. There is no point in saving so much money in the game and lose in the end and to prove nothing. But if you are going to build massive or very grand, then just do it. Strike a good balance point between having some savings for defense when needed. You will have to learn this in regards to each specific game.


Source by Linda D. Nickerson

How to Build Your Own Home – Lesson 1 – Preliminary Analysis


When I started building, I, like a lot of beginners, would spend time and money purchasing land and/or house plans only to find out later (sometimes, sadly, in the middle of construction) that I had made a terrible mistake. Either I had purchased the wrong location or I was forced to incur costs that I had not planned on or I couldn’t afford to build the home based on the plans I had purchased.

To minimize the money and time I would lose up front, I’ve learned to do “preliminary planning.” In this lesson, you’ll find out how to answer the most important question to start the ball rolling, “What size home can you afford to build?” Once you know this, you can now begin the process of purchasing the “right lot” and the “right set of house plans.”

A. What Size Home Should You Build

Before you purchase a lot or a set of house plans, you must first determine the size of home you can afford to build.

1. What Can You Afford?

To determine the size home you can afford to build you must determine how much money you can borrow, how much money you can (or want to) pay per month, decide what to include in your loan then determine the cost to build per square foot in your area.

a. Pre-Qualifying for a loan

You need to acquire this number by contacting a mortgage broker in your area or over the Internet. If you do not know a mortgage broker in your area, ask your current banker whom they recommend for a permanent loan. More than likely, your bank will have a mortgage department and they’ll want your business.

Provide the mortgage broker with the necessary information to find out the actual amount you can pre-qualify for. The lender should not charge you any money to pre-qualify you for a loan.

If you have a problem qualifying for a loan because of income, bruises on your credit or because you’ve recently changed jobs, find out what is causing the problem. Many problems can be repaired in 6 to 12 months. If you are turned down, go to another mortgage broker. Because of the variety of loans available on today’s market, another lender may still approve a customer that has been turned down. If you do have some credit issues, find a mortgage broker that specializes in dealing with credit problems. I’ve noticed that mortgage brokers that only deal with the (easy) good credit customers will not know how to work with someone who has had problems.

2. What Amount Can You Or Do You Want To Pay Per Month?

When you determine how much you can qualify for per month, you need to decide the amount you are willing to pay per month. When you’ve decided on this amount, you need to determine how much of this monthly payment will go toward property taxes and hazard insurance. The remaining balance is what you’ll have available to pay toward principal and interest.

3. What Should Be Included In The Loan

You should plan ahead so that your loan amount will cover every necessary expense from lender fees to costs for material, labor, subcontractors and overhead.

a. Lender fees

Lender fees normally include:

· – Closing costs on the construction loan [normally 2% of the loan amount]

· – Interest on the construction loan [normally the Prime Interest Rate + 2%]

· – Closing costs on the permanent loan [normally 4% of the loan amount]

b. The Projected Construction Cost (Material, Labor, Subcontractors and Overhead)

Up to this point you haven’t spent any money. Now you may need to spend a little money. I recommend you obtain a current copy of R.S. Mean’s Residential Cost Data. You can buy this manual online or you may find a copy at your local public library. Most of what you need will be found in the first chapter.

Honestly fill in the data concerning the style and quality of home you want to build. Means will explain how to determine the quality. Then add to the base home any additions, such as a deck an extra bathroom and/or a driveway. Then use the “location factor” for your area. [A home will cost more to build in San Francisco, California than Atlanta, Georgia] You will be amazed at how close this estimated cost to build your home will be to the actual cost.

I’ve heard so many builders say, “There is no way the home I’m building will cost this much”, only to be shocked when they see the actual cost upon completion.

If I were shopping for a builder, I would want to know this figure just to know if the builder was charging too much or grossly underestimating the cost of the home. Under estimating the cost creates more problems than over estimating the cost.

4. What Size Home Can You Afford?

Therefore, for example purposes, let’s assume the following: you are able to borrow $194,504.00 (based on your projected monthly mortgage amount), less lender fees of $16,046.00 and cost additions of $41,378.00, you will actually have $137,080.00 from which to calculate the final square footage that you can build. Based on $67.24 per square foot, you will be able to build a 2,038 square foot home.

Total Loan = $194,504.00


Lender Fees = – 16,046.00

Additions = – 41,378.00

Balance = $137,080.00

Square Feet = 2,038 ($137,080.00/$67.24)

Food for thought: You could have included anything you wanted in the loan. You could have included dining room furniture, a washer and dryer, or a trip to Europe. You decide. But any additional inclusions will ultimately decrease the square footage of the home you want to build.

WARNING: You would not believe the number of individuals, including builders that will go through this simple arithmetic, purchase a 2,000 square foot house plan, borrow $194,504.00 and start building away!!

When you purchase the plans, you’d still better not dare borrow money and start building before first determining what the actual cost is going to be. Our calculations are nothing more than a guesstimate.

Because it’s easier to design a home for a given lot rather than find a lot to fit a given set of house plans, I recommend you next move should be to “find a lot”.


Source by Thomas R. Harrison

List Building for Easier Life and Business


If you own or are thinking to own a business online or offline, I suggest you read along. This is something that interests you. If you are not using the principles of "List Building", you are making your business a lot harder than what it should be.

If you have or have not heard of this term, I will tell you exactly in the following paragraphs.

The first thing I did was jump into Google and make a search on "List Building Definition." However, not to my surprise, nothing relevant came up!

Seriously, I could not believe it! A key process, probably the only process that matters the most when it comes to online marketing does not have a clear definition. It is pretty much named everywhere among Internet Marketers! No wonder why everyone is so confused.

So, given I did not find what I was looking for, I changed my search to "What is list building". Somehow, I got a definition from Wikipedia. Although it is not a reliable source, Wikipedia is a good starting point. Here's what I found:

"(List builder) A list builder, also known as a dual list, dual list box, disjoint list box, list shuttle, shuttle, swap list and two sided multi-select is a graphical user interface element in which a user can select a Set of text values ​​by moving values ​​between two list boxes … "(You can read the rest if you want on Wikipedia? HINT: This is not List Building)

Well, I was not any closer to getting the definition that I needed, but on this same search I found an article from Derek Halpern that definitely helps on understanding why everyone must do it. The article basically tells you that if you are not doing list building, you are an idiot. By the end of this article, you can draw your own conclusion about this statement.

It also somehow told me what to do but it did not tell me what List Building really is, so I decided to explain it myself. To make it very clear, let's dissect the concept in two parts: List and Building.


In the internet marketing jargon, it reflects to a list of prospects that you can contact multiple times until they unsubscribe from that particular list. The components of this list are email addresses that people entered on a form.


As its definition, building refers to the act of making something. In this case, we are referring to the list. Building is the process of getting email addresses into the list.

Converting visitors / users / seekers into subscribers and followers is the essence of building a list. The user / visitor has 100% control on their decision to opt-in or out to that list. Normally, users / visitors will enter their email address in exchange for a gift or give away.

After reading several paragraphs, you might already have an idea on you head of what list building is, but give me the chance to give you a better definition.

"List Building is the process of getting people to enter their email address into a form strategically placed on your website normally in exchange for a gift."

Now you know what list building is. We are getting there, but you still need to know an acceptable reason why you need to know this.

The list is an asset and probably the most important asset for you business.

Why do you need to do List Building?

Let me give you an example. Imagine you go to a restaurant, you have dinner, you pay, and you leave. How many times do they ask you if you want to leave your personal details or your email address?

Not many, right? This is a clear example of people getting listing building wrong. It's precisely the same process for people to come to your website and leave.

Read carefully and with understanding. When you leave the restaurant, chances are they may come back if there is a good service, the food is good, and it has a good environment. You may even recommend the restaurant to your friends.

Now, everything is fine so far, and then the restaurant owner must be pleased because there would be the chance of them to return (if they did all the above right).

Think about it. After you leave, the restaurant owner has no way to contact you later on, follow up with a survey, send you an offer, or a simple thank you card. Can you see the problem here?

If you can not see anything wrong, it's fine. I am actually here to tell you what is terrible wrong here and how you can get it right. After this, you may start enjoying having more returning customers and visitors on your online or offline business.

Now looking at the statistics, it is six times harder to please new customers than loyal customers ( How can you create loyal customers? Getting them to sign up a form with their email address. Yes, exactly.

Using the principles of list building, you will not just please more customers with less effort, but also spend less money on your overall marketing efforts. This is proven and in the case of restaurants where only email subscribers purchased 17% more than those who were not on their email list (Forrester Research).

Simply imagine, if this is the case of a restaurant that has a minimum online presence, what would this do to your online based business?

Can you see now what was wrong with our example? When a visitor comes to your website / business and you do not have a way for them to leave their details, they will leave and you will have no way to contact them EVER again.

This is why I was saying that The List is an asset. List Building is the only way for you to follow-up and create a connection with your audience and customers.

Now you know why List Building is critical for your business. Before I tell you how to implement its principles, let me add something to our previous list building definition:

"List Building is the process of getting people to enter their email address into a form strategically placed on your website normally in exchange of a gift with the aim of building a loyal customer base, add value and sell products with less effort."

Your email subscribers list is an asset for your offline or online business. Why? It contains the list of previous customer and potential customers that you can contact in a matter of minutes (if not seconds) directly to their email inbox.

If you are already doing an online business, but have not started your list, I hope you are convinced now of beginning the process. If you are an offline business, I suggest you think about this as well.

If you have something to think about before getting started, you definitely did not understand the concept. I would encourage you to read this post again before proceeding to the next paragraphs.

If you are ready, keep on reading because the following paragraphs will tell you how to do list building. You can start enjoying more free time to focus on other parts of your business instead of doing the hard sell and chasing customers.

How to Get Started on List Building

Start from day one. However, if you have been online or you have an online business and you have not yet started, you do not need to worry. You can start in a matter of minutes. All you need is to understand the system required to do this.

To build your list, you simply need an Email Autoresponder service.

As I mentioned before, the emails are captured in a list using a form. Once captured, they are stored in a database from which you will be able to send emails with a few clicks.

An email autoresponder service will provide you all the necessary tools to create and maintain your list, form creation, email list storage, and send emails at any time to all your contacts.

There are multiple service providers out there that provide a similar service. The difference usually comes down to the cost and possible integrations that you would want to use.

I personally use Aweber. This autoresponder provides satisfying service and tools. It is very easy to integrate with your website and other systems.

Aweber is easily scalable. It grows with your business and you can create unlimited lists. Although, I would suggest you start with one list and then start creating sublists. Afterwards, use them to segment your market as per your business requires. You can also separate loyal customers from prospects or by products.

Of course, you desire to know what's going on with the emails you are sending out. You want to receive feedback on what is working and what is not. Keep an eye on two main statistics – open rates and clickthrough rates.

I know it sounds complicated, but in simple words, List Building means watching how many people open your emails, read your message, and how many people click on links that you send on those messages.

There are few more statistics that you will want to watch but these two give you an overview.

Looking at statistics will allow you to understand your customer and make changes. This increases your engagement and creates of your list a raving fan list.

If the concept of email autoresponder services still seems a bit abstract, you can watch this video it will make it a lot simpler.

Now that you understand this concept, there is one last thing that you need to understand. This is what makes the whole list building concept so powerful.

As the name states with the email autoresponder services, you can create emails that are automatically sent to your subscribers. On other words, you will be able to maintain a close relationship with your customer / prospect in Autopilot.

You can send offers in Autopilot! (How do you think all those internet millionaires make money?)

Best of all, you can do all this while working hard for your business or even while you are relaxing on the beach.

If this does not excite you to get started, you are missing a lot!

Your business will suffer if you do not do list building. Let me sum up. The REAL definition of list building is:

"List Building is the process of getting people to enter their email address into a form strategically placed on your website normally in exchange of a gift. We do this with the aim of building a loyal customer base, add value and sell products with less effort . List building is possible by the use of tools such an email Autoresponder system which allows the process to happen in Autopilot (while you are in the beach). "


Source by Jorge Gasca

Blue Screen on Windows Start Up – What Causes This and How You Can Fix This Quickly


If your computer has blue screen errors on windows start up there can be several reasons for this. This is a serious system error and if it is not fixed your system can end up with serious corruption or worse it may not even start up at all.

Here are some causes of this error.

# 1 Incorrect drivers are installed.
# 2 The windows registry is corrupt.
# 3 The boot record or MBR as it is called is corrupt or infected with malware.
# 4 A program or a device you just installed is causing your PC to crash.

Here are the steps you to need to take to verify this and to stop your PC crashing on you.

A) If you have just installed or updated drivers remove them or roll back to the previous version. To check there are no problems with drivers do the following.

# 1 Click start.
# 2 Right click on my computer on the start menu. Go to properties and then click on device manager.
# 3 If you find any device with a yellow exclamation mark uninstall the drivers and install the latest drivers or roll back to older drivers.

B) Repair corrupt registry entries. This is probably the largest cause of blue screen errors on windows start up. Here is how to do this.

# 1 Download a system ad registry scanner.
# 2 Run a full system scan on your computer and fix all the problems automatically. # 3 Restart your PC.

C) Corrupt boot record.

If The boot record is corrupt you need to fix it immediately Or you may end up with an inoperable PC.
How do you know if this is corrupt? You will usually receive a message saying there is a problem with the master boot record.

If you see this you should first of all scan your computer for viruses, then run check disk on your hard drive in case there are bad sectors where important data is stored. To run this go to the windows start menu then run and type in "chkdsk / f" without the quotes. A box will appear. Press y to check your computer on restart. If this does not fix the error run a scan with a system and registry scanner to fix the problem and get rid of blue screen errors on windows start up. This is better than having to reinstall windows. All you need to do is to follow these steps here to fix your PC quickly and fix blue screen errors on windows start up.


Source by Brad Armstrong

How to Improve Your Computer Skills With Computer Books and Ebooks


Are you looking for a computer book to improve your computer programming skills or general IT knowledge?

A distinguishing mark of professionals is that they keep up-to-date with the newest ideas, techniques and developments in their field. If you are a computer professional you should read every computer book and computer eBook which can help you to improve your computer skills.

You can find good Computer Books and eBooks on the Internet. Some of them can be purchased online, whereas other ones are free and can be easily downloaded.

Purchasing Computer Books

There are many online Book stores, which sell Computer Books and Computer Ebooks and the most famous one is certainly Amazon. They have search facilities which allow to find what you are looking for in a way that is certainly easier and faster than searching in a main street bookstore.

You can select a category from a menu (eg Databases, Programming, Linux and Unix, AS / 400) or use the search facilities to find Books or Software in your area of ​​interest.

If you browse some computer book among the possible choices, you will typically find a good product description which often includes the table of contents and, in many cases, you will find also reviews submitted by people who have read the book. Often there is also an average customer review which can be useful to decide if the purchase is worthwhile.

If you decide to buy, you can easily add your choices to a shopping cart and pay online by using a Credit or Debit Card. The Books are usually delivered from the Online Bookstore pretty fast.

Free Programming E-Books

There are many good Computer Ebooks, often published in PDF format, with plenty of useful information.

Some of them are free downloadable Ebooks whereas other ones (especially computer tutorials) can read online.

Computer manufacturers, such as IBM, often allow to access an online library of their technical documentation and often provide good computer tutorials (visit for example the site Developer Works).

An author which offers online many free downloadable ebooks is Bruce Eckel. His company provides public and private training and consulting services and he has decided to offer the FREE downloadable eBook version of many good Programming books, which are also sold in Book stores in the printed format.

Bruce Eckel has published over 150 articles and several computer books such as Thinking in Java (Prentice-Hall, 1998, 2nd Edition, 2000), the Hands-On Java Seminar CD ROM (available on his Mind View site and enclosed to the previous book ), Thinking in C ++> / b> (PH 1995; 2nd edition 2000), C ++ Inside & Out (Osborne / McGraw-Hill 1993), among others.

He's given hundreds of presentations throughout the world, published over 150 articles in numerous magazines, was a founding member of the ANSI / ISO C ++ committee, speaks regularly at conferences and is the C ++ and Java track chair for the Software Development conference. It provides public and private seminars and design consulting in C ++, Java and Python.

His books can be purchased in Book stores, but previous versions can also be easily downloaded as Ebooks and are certainly very useful to Computer professionals.


If you want to improve your computer knowledge, try the Internet as a valid alternative to traditional Bookshops and Libraries.


Source by Mario Pesce

Fire Magic Grills


One of the highest quality names in grills is Fire Magic. This company offers a full line of both cart type and built in grills for outdoor kitchens. There are some things to remember when considering purchasing a grill, particularly a high quality grill that is going to cost a fair bit of money.

First, if you are looking for a stainless steel grill, make sure you are dealing with 304 stainless steel grills. This is the grade of stainless that will not rust. These grills are warranted for life against rust and the reason the manufacturers can give you this warranty is because the type of steel they use simply will not accept rust on its surface.

All Fire Magic grills are made with 304 stainless, so rust is something you will not have to worry about. There are 3 lines of grills put out by this company. The main two lines are the Aurora and Echelon. The Aurora is sort of the base line version of the Echelon, although both grills start out with the same steel body. What accessories and features you want will determine which line of grills you decide to choose from.

The things the Echelon has standard that the Aurora does not have a smoker burner, lights inside the grill, separate heat zones, and a standard rotisserie package. You can get the rotisserie package as an option on an Aurora, but if you have a need for any of those other things you will want to go with the Echelon grill.

One of the nice things about the variety that Fire Magic offers is the varying sizes available. Not only are there varying widths of grill available, but this brand is available in different depths front to back. This can be very important when planning an outdoor kitchen because if you can have a shower cabinet you may be able to squeeze all the items on your wish list into the plan. If you area is very tight on space and you are only dealing with full depth grills, you may end up sacrificing something from that list.

With all the variations and options available, there is no doubt that you can find a fire Magic built in grill to suit both your budget and your needs.


Source by John Richard Paul

Buying a New Laptop


Microtechnology has continued to power the new laptop revolution that continues to sweep business and personal computing. This has led to an overall performance of computers as more people make the move to abandon their old desktop PC in favor of new laptops. This has resulted in laptops experiencing a surge in overall sales as more people transition in that direction.

Examining laptop computers

Laptops have taken the world of computing by storm. This is because of the general convenience that they bring. Regular desktop PCs are not about to go anywhere although they have been characterized by being static and hence ineffficient. People who intend to complete their tasks while on the move and not being tied to a specific location have turned to laptops in droves. This is because laptops pack the same power as a desktop PC (and even more) while delivering mobility and convenience. They are also battery-powered which means that one is not limited to their office or home desk in order to perform tasks.

Looking at pros and cons

Laptops have numerous inherent advantages. As we have mentioned, one of them is their ease of mobility. Computing can be done whether one is sitting at their home or wherever out on the road. They are also powerful meaning they are capable to handle most of the programs that are available with regular computers. Wi-fi capability via wireless cards enable access to the Internet regardless of location. This allows for maximum productivity.

Let us examine a few disadvantages. One of them is the price. Laptops, while being smaller than their desktop counterparts, are much more expensive. Higher-end laptops can range anywhere from $ 2000 and above while one can get a high-end desktop for much less. They also come with vastly less storage space than a regular PC. Most desks can pack up to 300GB of hard disk space. This has not been achieved by laptops due to their diminitive size. Most laptops carry approximately 160BG of space. Even more come with much less. This means media fans who store music and videos are bound to be disappointed.

What do you look for when buying a laptop?

It is recommended that you read the specifics of the laptop before you buy. It is also good to ask yourself what the laptop will be primarily used for. If you are simply surfing the Internet and sending and reading emails, then a regular low-end laptop running anywhere between $ 300 and $ 500 will suffice. If you are into media such as video and music downloads, gaming and graphics design, then you need to invest in a laptop that has more memory and hard disk space. This can run you upwards of $ 600. There are many places where you can shop and review the specifics of each laptop in order to match it with your exact needs.

Difference in brands and laptop types

There are many laptop manufacturers and the competition is fierce. The most popular brands name manufacturers are Dell, HP / Compaq, Acer, ASUS, Sony, Fujitsu, Apple and Lenovo. Many of these makers have units that can fit into any computing need. Some laptops include standard multipurpose laptops that are ideal for home use or on the go and business oriented laptops that have rugged designs for data security and coupled with a special operating system for business use. There are even gaming laptops that have powerful video chips and high processor clock speeds.

How much do they cost?

Laptops were once quite expensive but new technology has changed this. While there are still laptops that cost upwards of $ 2000, it is now quite possible to get one for less than $ 500. This could be a basic laptop that can be used to perform most of the everyday computing tasks. High-end laptops still cost more than $ 1000.

Where to buy one

Most electronic stores sell laptops from the major manufacturers such as Dell, Apple, Acer, Sony and Toshiba. One can also buy laptops at these manufacturers' websites. Other sources include places like eBay, uBIID, Craigslist and other third party vendors.


Source by Theodor Cartman

Error 12029-Step-By-Step Solution to Fix Error 12029 in Windows 7, Vista and XP


When one tries to open Internet Explorer and surf internet, She/he may get error 12029. The error won’t let him open websites or download anything from the internet. Follow the guidelines given here to fix this problem:

1. Change your antivirus and firewall software

2. Re-adjust network configurations in your registry

3. Detect problems with internet connection

4. Disable automatic detection of LAN settings

5. Clean temporary internet files

Change your Antivirus and Firewall Software

An antivirus or firewall software installed on your computer may be creating conflicts with the network connections. Uninstall the existing antivirus and firewall software, if any, and download & install another one.

Re-adjust Network Configurations in your Registry

Error 12029 mostly appears if the registry is not properly configured. Re-adjust the network related keys and fill-out the appropriate values. Windows registry editor is available in all major versions of the Windows including Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Scan the entire registry using a good Registry Cleaner software and fix all the problems that are found in network-related registry entries. Keep in mind that the Windows registry is a critical part of the operating system and you shall not manually modify any settings in this area if you are not expert in computer software troubleshooting.

Detect Problems with Internet Connection

The error 12029 in Windows 7, Vista and XP may be occurring due to external factors such as problem with the internet connectivity to your computer due to ISP errors.

1. Click Start | All Programs | Accessories.

2. Right click Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator.

3. Type the following command and press ENTER:


Note: In the Step 3, for accurate results, replace the IP Address with that provided by your Internet Service Provider. Contact him for more information.

4. What figure do you see in the Percent (%) Loss at the end of the result? If you see 0, it’s the problem with your network configurations or Internet Explorer. If the value is greater than 0, there are issues with the wiring of your broadband internet connectivity or from ISP. In such case, contact your ISP for support.

Disable Automatic Detection of LAN Settings

Change the settings of Internet Explorer so that the LAN settings will not be automatically detected. Here are the steps to solve error 12029:

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Click Tools | Internet Options.

3. Click Connections tab.

4. Click LAN Settings button.

5. Uncheck the box Automatically detect settings and click OK | OK.

6. Restart Internet Explorer.

Clean Temporary Internet Files

The temporary internet files could cause error 12029 in Windows 7, Vista and XP. Delete all the temporary internet files using an external System Cleaner application is recommended. However, alternative steps are provided here:

1. Click Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk CleanUp.

2. Select a drive and press ENTER.

3. Follow the instructions on your screen.


Source by A. Honey

Do You Need a Class 2 or a Class II LED Driver?


You have learned that it is preferable to use the Class 2 LED driver in the LED signage and lighting applications in order to better manage and limit the potential risk of electric shock hazard in installing and operating the devices. However, many people confuse the class 2 (Numeric “2”) with the class II (Roman Numeral “II”) power supply. They are both valid standards, controlled by different organizations, but they are meant to provide different protections in different methods. Here is a brief explanation of each designation to help you distinguishing between the two.

Class 2: Class 2 power supplies are governed by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) 1310 standard. The main focus of UL-1310 is to ensure the output from each channel of the power supply cannot exceed 100 Watts (or five times output voltage if is it is lower than 20V) in any given circumstances, such as the rated working temperature, start-up or shut down process and the faulty conditions. UL-1310 is applied to oversee the Class 2 LED driver as well. If you are a US domestic LED sign or lighting application builder, you need a Class 2 LED driver, not a Class II power supply.

Class II: Class I and Class II are both specified in the EN-60950 (the European standard). The former requires a ground connection – usually done by using the 3-prong AC input, established, so the extra current generated in the fault condition can be quickly shunt to ground without damaging the property or the operator. The latter calls for a double insulation on the primary and the secondary side of the power supply if the ground connection is missing. Class II power supplies are typically used in the telecommunication industry. You can find it resides in many consumer electronics products, such as the Digital Video Recorder, network switch and wireless router.


If your signage or lighting application is made up of LED related illumination technology, be sure to employ a Class 2 LED driver to power your system. A Class 2 LED driver can consist of several output channels but the maximum output power of each channel won’t exceed 100 watts. By limiting the absolute maximum output power to the UL predefined level – 100 watts, the Class 2 LED driver can reduce the chance of producing excessive out-going current, over-heating the cables and creating an electric shock hazard. Thus, it can support a safer installation and operation experience for your applications.


Source by Howard Chang

How to Choose the Wood to Build Your Sauna


When you’re planning your sauna, you’ve got a choice of different woods to choose from. Your final decision will be dependent on the type of look you are trying to achieve, the properties of each wood and the overall price.

The types of wood that are popular for building a home sauna include spruce, cedar and pine. In Finland, the traditional home of the sauna, the most popular wood is spruce. This is a sturdy wood that does not conduct heat well so it is an ideal building material. It is light colored and it does not leak any resin.

Pine is another popular building material for a sauna. It does tend to exude resin in the high temperatures of a sauna and for this reason you should select knot-free wood. This wood darkens to a lovely golden color over time.

Cedarwood is a popular choice for building saunas in North America. It has a characteristic aroma that many people love although some people are sensitive to it. It is one of the more expensive woods from which to build your home sauna. This wood has a reddish color to it.

Another wood that is worth mentioning is Abachi. This wood is particularly good for sauna benches and headrests because it stays cool even in the moist heat of the sauna. This is a light colored wood that looks great inside the sauna room.

Cost is always going to be a factor. You will need to do some comparison shopping to find the best deal but it is common to find that pine often offers the best-priced product.

More people are now taking the time to consider whether the sauna wood they use is coming from a sustainable source. There are abundant supplies of spruce and pine in Finland and their cropping is tightly controlled. This will allow future generations to enjoy these wonderful products.


Source by Paul Elms