Can you talk to just about anyone, from the clerk at the store, to your best friend’s boyfriend, but become shy around men that you like? Is it hard to start up a conversation when you meet a man you’re attracted to? Would you like to be more confident around men instead of becoming embarrassed and tongue tied? If you’re tired of being a wallflower and want to get involved in the dance, you need to learn a few techniques which can help you stop being shy around men.

Confidence Is Sexy

It can get pretty depressing and frustrating to be in this situation and if you tend to be a quiet introverted woman, you’ve probably suffered in the past. It’s time to put all those bad feelings aside and start living the life you want. But face it, if you don’t talk to a man, it’s going to be hard for him to get to know you, isn’t it?

You really need to focus on being more self-confident.

Being shy can lead you to feeling bad about yourself, especially if you’re always thinking about it. But even the shyest woman has times when she is excited and involved in a conversation. It usually happens when she stops thinking about what to say and is doing something that has taken her mind off her self consciousness.

It doesn’t matter what this was, when it happened or who you were with. It just matters that you think back and remember these times because you were not feeling shy during those times. That will build up your self confidence.

The Way You Look, The Way You Talk

There are a few other ways to build up your confidence. If you are self conscious about your appearance, you are not alone. Even outgoing women have doubts about how they look, at times. A good way to get past that is to wear a favorite top or the jeans that you love. If you feel good about what you’re wearing, that will help. It’s hard to feel good and shy at the same time.

But the biggest problem with being shy around men is being able to hold up your end of a conversation. The more you think about it, the more nervous you get, and the more nervous you feel, the more your shyness kicks in. Don’t let it get to that point.

Go With A Group

If one to one conversations are your downfall, then stick to being part of a group. It’s easier to add to a conversation than it is to be ready to respond to everything that’s being said. In a one on one conversation, that’s what happens. It’s like playing tennis. When the ball is in your court, you have to return it to keep the game going. So don’t spend time one on one with a man until you get to know him a bit better, so there are no drags in the conversation.

If he asks you out, don’t drive yourself crazy worrying about what you’re going to talk about. Instead suggest going to a movie, or attending a ball game, so there is less one on one face time.

Why not try a few of these ideas, so you can get out and enjoy life and stop being shy around men!

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Source by Evangeline K Harris