How many times have you bought a product that promises you that you will earn thousands of dollars if you use their system to build sites only to find that the manual contains not one word about generating traffic? You buy the product and build the site and it just sits there doing nothing.

I do not care how great a product is if it does not show you how to generate good quality traffic then it's almost worthless. If I was starting out again I would not spend money on any tools or e-books until I had mastered the art of traffic generation, and it really is an art of getting traffic to a site.

You can have the best looking site in the world, with the perfect keywords but if you do not know how to firstly attract the search engine spiders and then real human visitors then the site is going to have no value. Try selling a website and the first thing you will be asked is "What is the Income & what's the traffic"

The income is not particularly important. If I am buying a site I actually want the income to be as low as possible as it will be cheaper for me. Given a choice of a site with an income of $ 100 a month and 1000 visitors or a site with $ 10 per months and 2000 Visitors I'll always go for the visitors.
Take time to develop your own traffic delivery system and you'll have one less thing to worry about. Take time to find out what works and what does not. I created a video for my members yesterday about how to get a site indexed and start generating traffic and I found something that got a new site into Google in less than 18 hours.

This was something new that I had not used before needed to say I was pretty impressed. I used it on another site 3 hours ago and guess what? It's now showing in Google. That's 3 hours from creating an entry to it appearing in Google. I did not even know that updated their database that often!

I've read lots of books on traffic generation and not one of them has mentioned this service. This is not surprising as the reason for this is that the internet is changing on an almost daily basis what worked great last month does not work as well this month. Take Squidoo for example, it used to be the best way to get a site indexed but not anymore.

The easiest way to find the services that work is by seeing what ranks well in Google. Personally I will focus on internet marketing terms as marketers tend to be ahead of the pack on most things related to site promotion. I'll then locate what services they are using to get links back to their sites and then test them on my new sites. If they work the get added to my spreadsheet and then used until something more effective comes along.


Source by Allison Thompson