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How to Choose the Wood to Build Your Sauna

When you’re planning your sauna, you’ve got a choice of different woods to choose from. Your final decision will be dependent on the type of look you are trying to achieve, the properties of each wood and the overall price.

The types of wood that are popular for building a home sauna include spruce, cedar and pine. In Finland, the traditional home of the sauna, the most popular wood is spruce. This is a sturdy wood that does not conduct heat well so it is an ideal building material. It is light colored and it does not leak any resin.

Pine is another popular building material for a sauna. It does tend to exude resin in the high temperatures of a sauna and for this reason you should select knot-free wood. This wood darkens to a lovely golden color over time.

Cedarwood is a popular choice for building saunas in North America. It has a characteristic aroma that many people love although some people are sensitive to it. It is one of the more expensive woods from which to build your home sauna. This wood has a reddish color to it.

Another wood that is worth mentioning is Abachi. This wood is particularly good for sauna benches and headrests because it stays cool even in the moist heat of the sauna. This is a light colored wood that looks great inside the sauna room.

Cost is always going to be a factor. You will need to do some comparison shopping to find the best deal but it is common to find that pine often offers the best-priced product.

More people are now taking the time to consider whether the sauna wood they use is coming from a sustainable source. There are abundant supplies of spruce and pine in Finland and their cropping is tightly controlled. This will allow future generations to enjoy these wonderful products.

Source by Paul Elms