How To Mack On Girls


So you want to learn how to mack on girls do you? Understood… Macking on girls is one of the most rewarding pastimes for a man of any age. And here’s the kicker, most guys can’t mack worth a damn. So when you learn these mackin’ skills you’ll be like a king amongst men!

First things first, you may be asking yourself “Isn’t learning how to mack on girls the same as learning how to be a pick-up artist of “PUA”? Well Let me tell ya, there’s a huge difference…

You see, pick up artists focus on how to meet girls and get them attracted. Macks on the other hand focus on themselves.

Macks focus on being the man 24-7 because they know that once they have truly ascended to the throne of Mackdom the women will be there waiting for them! So hopefully you are starting to see that being a mack is FAR superior than any sort of pick-up artist game that you could ever learn…

Now that we have that straightened out, how does one become a mack and start macking on chicks? Well, to get you started here are the 3 laws of macking that you must adhere to at all times:

1) Live Large You cannot be a true mack if you are content working at McDonald’s hamburger restaurant and living with your mom. Now if you are just starting out in this and you actually do live at home and work in the fast food industry, don’t worry. We all have to start somewhere. But, you can’t be content doing this, you need to have dreams and work towards those dreams every single day. This means building the lifestyle of a mack, making real money, being independent, and doing all the fun stuff like traveling the world that most people only dream about.

2) Stop Worrying About What Others Think Most people are hyper sensitive to what others think of them and let their fear of being judged by others control them. they dress a certain way to fit in, get a certain job that their parents approve of and generally lead a boring life with boring girlfriends. Macks on the other hand rise above these approval seeking, insecure behaviors. This can be a hard rule to follow because such behaviors will become ingrained over time. But if you want to become a true mack you must overcome them.

3) Realize Your Value As A Man You may have noticed that although this article in entitled How To Mack On Girls, I have written very little on the subject of interacting with women. The reason is, as I stated, being a mack is much more about focusing on yourself and getting yourself where you want to be in your own life. when it comes to women, the first thing a mack needs to do is realize his own value and take pride in it. Most men put attractive women on pedestal and do all this dumb stuff to try to get a girl to like them. Macks on the other hand put themselves on the pedestal and treat attractive women as equals for this is the only true way to be attractive to a high quality woman.

Pay attention, This next part is extremely important!:


Source by Chad Hooper

iTunes Detected Corrupt iPod? Here is What You Can Do to Recover Data


iPod corruption is a common phenomenon which can take place anytime. The reasons behind its corruption can range from presence of corrupt songs or other files to improper ejection from the computer and so on. A corrupt iPod can exhibit strange behavior whilst freezing at regular intervals. Fortunately, the corruption issue can be addressed easily. The process involves restoring it, followed by uploading the lost content all over again by using a clean and updated backup. However, if you haven’t maintained a backup of its data, you can still recover your its data with minimal efforts and in relatively less time. You would be just required to download an efficient yet easy-to-use iPod recovery software from the Internet.

Consider a scenario, wherein, you connect iPod to your Mac machine in order to add more songs and files to the existing list. When you try to drag the songs onto the iPod, you get a message to restart the machine. You restart the machine and connect the iPod, only to find out the following error message:

“iTunes has detected an iPod that appears to be corrupted. You may need to restore this iPod before it can be used with iTunes. You may also try disconnecting and reconnecting the iPod.”

In order to recover its data, it would be required of you to take appropriate steps. But, it is equally important for you to be familiar with the causes behind the above error.


As described in the error message, the iPod has become corrupted and you must fix it before it can be used again with the iTunes. The reasons behind corruption could be iPod file system corruption, corruption due to using an iPod with different machines (PC to PC or PC to Mac), damage hard disk clusters and more.


The problem can be overcome by ‘restoring’ the iPod. Here are the steps:

· Download and install new version of iTunes

· Open iTunes and connect your iPod

· Once you locate the iPod in the source panel in iTunes, select it, you will see the information about your iPod in the Summary tab of the main iTunes window.

· Click Restore (If using Mac, you will be asked to enter administrator’s name and password)

As restoring erases all the songs, and other files on iPod, you must have a backup in order to recover its data. All of your favorite music tracks, videos, audiobooks, podcasts and games can be loaded back to your iPod without much hassle. However, if no backup is available, you must switch to third-party ipod recovery tool.

Stellar Phoenix iPod recovery is a reliable software which recovers lost data – songs, videos, graphics, photos, text documents etc – from both iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle models. The iPod recovery software is available for both Windows and Mac users.


Source by Simpson Raid